Reaching Bled

Written by Tina Anzik   

Entering Slovenia

Border formalities are none since Slovenia is a part of Schengen Area and correspond to the European standards. Citizens of member countries of the European Union, Croatia, and Switzerland can cross the border with a valid personal identification document, but the visit cannot be longer than thirty days. All those who need visas to visit Slovenia can obtain them from Slovenia’s representative offices in their home countries. Please find all the latest information on the procedure and conditions for obtaining a visa to enter Slovenia at the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

Invitation Letters (Letters of guarantee): We do not issue letters of invitation for employees of commercial organizations from countries that require a visa to Slovenia unless the company is known for being active in Machine Learning, Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, and related fields. If in doubt, please contact us before registering.

We can ONLY issue invitation letters when a delegate is duly registered to AIME 2011, i.e. a registration form has been made, and the related registration fees have been fully paid and received by our accounting office.

How to get to Bled

Airplane: Slovenia’s national carrier Adria Airways offers regular schedule flights to most major European cities. Ljubljana is linked to Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, London, Dublin, Manchester, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Moscow, Split, Skopje, Sarajevo, Ohrid, Tirana, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Podgorica, Prague, Priština and others. Airport Joze Pucnik Ljubljana is 36 km away. Regular daily services mostly provided by the Slovenian national carrier Adria Airways operate between Ljubljana Airport and all major European hubs. Numerous carriers offer regular flights to Slovenia: Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Swissair, Aeroflot, British Airways, Avioimpex, Montenegro Airlines, Croatia Airlines, and Czech Airlines. In addition, EasyJet flies from London Stansted to Ljubljana once a day.

Bus: It is also possible to reach Slovenia from neighbouring countries by bus International bus transport is well organized and relatively inexpensive. The timetables and other information can be found at the web address of local bus transport agency.

Car: You can best get to know a country if you visit it by car You can reach Slovenia via one of the border crossings with Italy, Austria, Hungary or Croatia, or you can rent a car in one of our car rental agencies. Slovenia’s highways are good and clearly signposted; beside the roads you will find rest stops, inns with overnight accommodation, and motels.

Train: Lesce - Bled railway station, which is on the route between Munich, Salzburg, Villach, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Athens and Istanbul, is just 4 km from Bled.

Shuttle service

We have organized a shuttle service from Ljubljana airport to Bled and back and we encourage participants to book it (on the conference registration form). Price for the shuttle is 20 EUR for one way. If you already registered and didn't book the shuttle or you don't have the flight info yet you can still book it and send the flight info afterward.
If you would prefer to go from the airport to Bled by bus unfortunately there is no direct bus line so you have to go to Ljubljana or Kranj first, and then take a bus to Bled from there. More information available at
If you take a taxi from the airport the price would be at least 40 EUR. More information available at
So in this case the shuttle is the cheapest and also the most convenient option to get from the airport to Bled.

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